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Office of the judicial officers
Briers & Dujardin

Grétrystraat 29, 2018 Antwerp (Belgium)
Tel. +32 (0)3 218 28 85
       +32 (0)3 218 28 79
Fax +32 (0)3 218 28 97

The object of this site is to offer the visitor a clear overview of the services we offer. Announcements of forthcoming sales and comments on the law of procedure and enforcement can all be found on it. It also includes our contact data.

Our office handles the usual assignments of judicial officers, e.g:
  • the process of instituting legal procedures (writs of summons);
  • out of court collection of national and international monetary claims;
  • enforcement of judicial decisions and other enforceable documents;
  • establishing material facts;
  • supervision during both judicial and private sales and auctions.


Our office also has many years of experience in a number of specific fields of the law of procedure and enforcement such as the cross-border service of judicial and extrajudicial documents, arrest and sale of ships, seizure and sale of precious stones and diamonds, seizure of aircrafts, sequestration of goods, etc.