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Public judicial sale
FRIDAY the 27th of JANUARY 2017 at 4:00 p.m.
Public judicial sales of

14 pallets BUTYL RUBBER

By WRITTEN OFFER given to Mr. R. DUJARDIN at the latest on FRIDAY the 27th of JANUARY 2017 at 4:00 p.m.

Mr. Roger DUJARDIN, judicial officer at Antwerp (Belgium) will proceed within the framework of the realization of pledged property to th PUBLIC JUDICIAL AUCTION by WRITTEN OFFER of 14 pallets BUTYL RUBBER Cenway IIR532 – gross : 15.400 kgs. – net : 14.700 kgs. – 24,50 m³.

The pallets can be examined in the warehouses of T.O.L. Natie, namely in the “Warehouse T.O.L. 3”, Industrieweg 34, 2280 GROBBENDONK (Belgium), and this BY APPOINTMENT with the warehouse managers, either Mr. Michel MODAVE (mobile: 00.32.(0)478.20.24.24) or Mr. Thierry VERHOEVEN, tel.: 00.32.(0) or 00.32.(0) Access to the above premises will be refused without the above contact.

All information is available at the office of the above-mentioned judicial officer.
General terms of sale